What is an organisational structure?

A question arises in the mind of people looking to set up their businesses that "What is an organisational structure?" It is a point of doubt and hesitation for the person. It is the framework of the organisation which maintains the coalition functioning of that organisation. It’s the basis of an organisation which describes how the organisation is supposed to operate and how it is put together. It also highlights the way members are taken into employment and the authority they are given and to what extent can their actions benefit the organisation. Specifically, it tells us how decisions are made, and how leadership is awarded. This structure is given the responsibility to determine which individual gets to participate in a certain decision making process. The term “Organisational Chart” is basically an illustration of Organisational Structure.

Organisational structure and organogram is very important considering certain factors. It is the foundation upon which operational procedures and routines are set. It determines which employee participates in which decision making process and to what extent can his abilities affect his organisation. A good organisational structure is often the main difference between a successful and smooth operating organisation and another one in chaos. Through an organisational structure, hierarchical structure is established which distributes different duties and objectives to its employees. Clear chain of command is established through which companies are better in streamlining their operations.

Need For an Organisational Structure
Another question might arise in the mind of that person; why would I need to develop a structure for my organisation? It's really simple. It is the providing force for of guidelines for members. It provides the base to resolve disagreements among employees and to maintain order. It also binds the members together. It is what gives meaning and purpose and identity to the members of that organisation. An organisation is dependent on the structure. Organisation, by definition, signifies a structure. Nothing can operate without order and structure. Whether you plan to do it, or not, your organisation is going to have a structure. You will have a set number of people comprising a team, with certain jobs. It might as well be the structure which best suits your situation since it's going to be there whether you want to or not. The term "Division of Labor" best describes the purpose of an organisational structure. The distribution of work could be temporary or enduring, formal or informal. But "Division of Labor" to a certain extent is necessary in every organisation.

When an organisational structure should be developed
It is necessary for an organisation to develop its structure as soon as it can, preferably, it should be dealt with when the organisation is in its early development stages. For an organisation to function properly, its structure must be adaptable, versatile and variable. It is necessary for the maintenance of order. A structure provides your organisation the driving force it needs to excel. This means that you should consider structural importance in an organisation fresh from the beginning.